Just Flare Piping System
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What is “Just Flare Piping System”?


“Just Flare Piping System”, Nissyo Techno Co., Ltd. has developed a new type of piping method. This piping system doesn’t need materials to be welded, so that there is no damage to the materials’ structure and no harmful zinc fumes emitted, providing a clean and safe construction site.

The advantage of our piping method is the introduction of an excellent joining system using the world’s lightest, smallest, and composite smart flange forming machine “Just Flare JF-350”. Flanging steel pipes is a process to form the pipe end into a top hat-shaped (90 degrees) flange without welding. Flare formed pipes can be joined by loose flanges, a gasket, bolts and nuts very easily and quickly. Our “Just Flare Piping System” completely prevents many typical problems such as, contamination of harmful zinc fumes and slag, industrial accidents from welding, and leakages caused by the unstable quality of welding.


Remarkable Features of “Just Flare Piping System”

The exclusive machine “JF-350” is the world-class lightest and smallest.

Carry easily to anywhere loading on a 2 ton truck and a hand lifter, such as a hand pallet truck.

No harmful zinc fumes. No hot slag.

Keep the construction site clean and ecological.

About 1 minute per one flange forming and button operation only. No need for well skilled labor.

The most energy-saving piping method. High quality is guaranteed.

No damage to the metallographic structure because of the cold forming process.

Perfect resistance to rusting in flanged parts. (recommended product : SUPER ZINC)


Other Features at construction sites using “Just Flare Piping System”

Just Flare piping system doesn’t need fire, so there is no common concern such as, fire, industrial accidents and contaminations.

Downsize the workers. Reduce industrial accidents.

Easy site-administration and material management.

Shorten a construction period.

No meandering. Less alteration.

Prior installation is available leaving undecided areas and parts.

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